Carl Palm MR MF : AD / HD & BY E
Parallel /// Oaxaca

Parallel Oaxaca is proud to present its first collaboration with Carl Palm "MR MF: AD / HD BY E"


Parallel Oaxaca se enorgullece en presentar su primera colaboración con Carl Palm "MR MF: AD / HD BY E"




thirty I rhymes


4 to 5 lines


of puppy love


comatosed on shores


n grill miming


mint con-editions


n floss less mocap lotion




.. sings Mr Memory Foam a piece on timing and it sounds as if a mirror surface was being scratch-tagged with a name or a pattern. Mr MF recognizes this pattern as calculated movements of the towel moving along his foamy body just after a bath or a shower. However, these moments are frozen into the clear resin of Carl Palm’s three wall-mounted sculptural pieces, screen-like dioramas encapsulated floating objects in the state of suspended agency.


Each of Palm’s works conceived for the exhibition MR MF: AD / HD & BY E immerse within themselves a world of everyday moments so close to the body, on rhyme and reason all referring to the environment of a bathroom. In a cute tune Mr MF spells out the works as A D H D D H D A, discovering them as still lives of exaggerated accumulation and of being present in multiple realities.


Mr MF glances through the gallery. One of the works embrace terry cloth towel, the first in a series of curated towels for Fredhälls Badklubb in Stockholm, and the Google Image search engine waiting grid as tiling. Meanwhile, the smallest piece holds a mirror in a shape of a tank top as a necklace. In this mirror, Mr MF discerns a ghostly scratched-in towel motion. From the third one, Mr MF reads dirty bathroom graffiti in front of a tiled in monochrome (even dirtier) painted over and over with Tipp-Ex. Layer by layer the works are constructed into decorative billboards, advertising non-cathartic feelings and actions as well as opportunities for the works to be produced.


Mr MF sings on the times when it all began, on work that was first born as aquarium-like sculptures produced for the exhibition What´s the song that goes Ooo Oh Oh for Le Commissariat in Paris, France. Mr MF sees further into Palm’s practice and observes MR MF: AD / HD & BY E to resonate with artist’s previous work that always point somewhere else, generating content without possessing it. As an artist, Palm is engaged in working with a variety of materials and methods from textile to bronze, to curating. MR MF: AD / HD & BY E is, thus, yet another secret to share in sculptural form reminding us of what is not there and there to be, a watering hole and a bonfire in the shape of illusion.


Mr Memory Foam in tone:


indi go 89 terry go


one for laters 48ers


habashi high scrub


plus 2 nosian ink holes


shubby go go dance


€ glubb in maa igloo club


dash’d jpg raptures




Mindcraft snuff


prpl pilz sniff


black white out


Its bacchanal time


Mono Kimono


yo aa´s look a like sushi


AD XXX 57 pinch HD







Mr Memory Foam ft. Egle Kulbokaite & Carl Palm 4 Parallel /// Oaxaca. Thanks to: Embassy of Sweden in Mexico, Cultural Surplus and IASPIS The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.



Photo documentation:

Lorena Ancona

Carl Palm MR MF : AD / HD & BY E (2015) Parallel /// Oaxaca.
Carl Palm MR MF : AD / HD & BY E (2015) Parallel /// Oaxaca.
Carl Palm MR MF : AD / HD & BY E (2015) Parallel /// Oaxaca.
Carl Palm MR MF : AD / HD & BY E (2015) Parallel /// Oaxaca.
Carl Palm MR MF : AD / HD & BY E (2015) Parallel /// Oaxaca.
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